What does crop the image do?

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What does crop the image do?

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When an image is rendered, the target image size is the current size of the image window, or the size you specify (with the "Render with dimensions..." menu command). However, the generated image may not have the same aspect ratio, and so there will be extra white space on the top or on the right. Nonetheless, Context Free centers the drawn area in the window, so you don't notice as much.

When you save the image (with the "Save image..." menu command), you can save either the whole target image (with the extra white space), or the image cropped to the drawn area. In the later case, the saved image will be smaller than the size you entered with "Render with dimensions...".

Even if you do choose "Crop the image", there will still be a smaller white border around the drawn area. This border is calculated based on the size of the graphics near the edges to give a balanced look to the final image. If you need it really closed cropped, use a graphic editing program.

On Macintosh, "Crop the image" is available in both the Preferences window and in the Save Image sheet. For very large images (> 50 Megapixels), on Macintosh, "Crop the Image" will require creating a whole second image almost the same size, and so doubles the amount of memory needed when writing the image out. The other versions don't have this issue as the choice to crop is made before you render.

On Windows, "Crop the image" is available in the Preferences dialog. Set it before you choose "Save Image...".

On Posix/Unix, the -c option on the command line will crop the image.
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