Version 3 - and Feature Suggestions

Let the developers know what you think of the software and what can be done to either improve the CFDG language or the Context Free program.

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Version 3 - and Feature Suggestions

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I am so free as to create a new thread. Hope you dont mind - I didn't feel comfortable about the wiki. Discussions or suggestions seem to go a lot easier in a forum for me...

Anyway, before I start with my two suggestions, let me first state that I think a program such as context free art is GREAT. It generates a myriad of other ideas, from my perspective. For example, ever since I saw the musical notations, i wanted to write a program that can read in those notes, and lateron a primitive AI that would discard "crappy" music and only keeps music which sounds fine.
In other words, the computer would generate most music, and the human would more do only selective work. (I dont expect the computer to generate awesome music, but I thought it could be ok for some kind of music... especially if one would not be too critical of it).

That was just one example, I am sure there are a lot more examples.

I do have two suggestions, and the first one is easy.

Instead of something like
background { b -1 } // This changes the background to black

I would love to be able to do something like
background { black }
background black

Perhaps it is not possible or desirable, i just wonder if multiple syntax could be allowed. It is nothing big, but for me it is a lot easier to understand normal english words rather than absolute values.

I do have another suggestion, a bigger one, and this suggestion I do because I feel... a bit stupid. (I really am in this regard). Sometimes learning something takes a long time, until I get a specific "A-Ha!" event...

The examples of other people often confused me heavily, especially more complicated ones. And as time passed by, I didnt really manage to keep up at all.

Now my suggestion is that there should be a focus on teaching or explaining to people how to do something. One solution is to simplify the syntax whenever possible, the other is to heavily improve the teaching aspect. I.e. to improve the wiki, or to even create or otherwise make a basic tutorial, a tutorial which the people can extend and improve on their own (and contribute back - this way it does not tax the developers too much)

Hmm I wanted to write more but I forgot some parts ... :( Guess I finish here.

Hopefully it is somewhat clear where I am trying to go with this...

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