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Is it possible to use a different seed per animation frame?

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:39 pm
by hdonkx
I'm wondering if it's possible to combine the randomness from changing the seed with smoothly interpolated values for other things using CF:Time. Random functions seem like a start, but as far as I can tell they also only choose the value once per seed? It would be cool to render an animation where some variables were defined with a function, and other things defined with multiple copies of rules etc would continue changing.

Thinking further into this, it would be interesting to allow some rules/shapes to be seeded once per frame and others not to be - for example, if you're generating a random "texture" with one shape and positioning it by including it in the definition of another shape, and both shapes have multiple definitions, you could have one of them change for every frame, and the other one change for every new animation render. (Sorry for any grammatical confusion here, not really a programmer and still learning the v3 syntax!)