Getting started issues with Linux Mint 64bit

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Getting started issues with Linux Mint 64bit

Post by phraxos » Thu May 29, 2014 12:07 pm

INTRO: Hi, I cant wait to get started with CFA but am having trouble with the basics. I am 3rd year Comp. Sci. student so am shocked I am having issues and yet no one else seems to have had these issues in the forums. Me not smart as I thought. Anyways...Hopefully someone can help me with a response that will assist any future noobiles.

SUMMARY OF EFFORTS SO FAR: I downloaded ContextFree 3.0.7 compressed zip file (v23) (10.3MB) and extracted it. Tried compiling it (on seperate attempts) with "make" and "make clean" and "make install". Then per the Readme while in the top level of the CF3 directory I ran "./cfdg -s 500 input/mtree.cfdg mtree.png". This results in error "bash: ./cfdg: No such file or directory".

1. So where is this cfdg file? I could not find it anywhere in the file tree (except the source files in src-common).

2. Are earlier versions such as 2.2.2 still available?

3. What am I obviously not grasping about this whole thing or what document have I obviously not read or comprehended?

Thank you for your time.
I promise to make the donation if I get this working!

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Re: Getting started issues with Linux Mint 64bit

Post by MtnViewJohn » Thu May 29, 2014 10:50 pm

I just created a Linux Mint 16 VM and compiled Context Free. I had to install the g++, bison, flex, and libpng12-dev packages. There is no 'make install' target, I should fix that. The Makefile just creates cfdg at the top of the source tree.

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