Evolutionary art using CFDG

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Evolutionary art using CFDG

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I've made an evolutionary art tool, that applies genetic algorithm to CFDG grammars. It uses some grammars from ContextFree online gallery as initial population (in fact initial population is rather small and is downloaded from server each time, and may include human-made grammars as well as breeded ones).

The application is available at http://webwarrior.ws/cfdg_breeder/. Needs Silverlight.

Upper row is elite: best individuals, selectd by user, which automatically enter next round and take part in crossover. Initially it is empty.
Lower row is current popultion. Each individual can be "selected" (promoted to elite) or "rejected" (deleted).
When in elite, individual can be uploaded to server (stars for rating it will appear, and user must assign rating to individual to proceed) or rejected.
"Evolve" button starts new round, and current population is updated.

There is also gallery of individulas, evolved by users. You may vote for works in gallery.

Sometimes pictures, that are almost identical to their hand-made ancestors, may emerge. They may be rejected by duplicate detection system, but it's inaccurate and sometimes even gives false-positive results.

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