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Version 3.2 is released

Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 10:39 pm
by MtnViewJohn
The gallery upload feature was broken on Windows, so a new release was in order.

V3.2 - August 2019
  • The command-line version now has the ability for variables, configuration variables, and user functions to be declared at the command line.
  • Mac: Ready for macOS Catalina … I think. Catalina betas have been acting strange. I will monitor as updates occur.
  • Win: Gallery download now works for Windows. Just drag a gallery design link or download link from your browser to the rendering panel on Context Free and it will open a new tab with the downloaded cfdg file. (On the Mac you drag the URL from the browser to the Context Free icon in the dock).
Bug fixes:
  • Mac: Render Sized and Animate a Frame user interface elements sometimes lose user changes.
  • Mac: If the computer is not connected to the internet then the Gallery Upload sheet reports network failure before you click on the Upload button.
  • Win: Gallery upload dialog was trying to upload to the wrong server.
  • Win: Gallery upload dialog crashes Context Free if it cannot connect to the server (which is all the time).