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What Context Free art is

Context Free enables the rendering of arbitrary sized graphical images. It features a two dimensional (2D) graphical space, and some advanced possibilities of graphical definition, for example recursion.

In Chomsky's hierarchy of formal languages, context free grammars are more powerful than regular grammars (type 3) and, on the other hand, less powerful than context sensitive grammars (type 1). In a nutshell it means that you can do some things with context sensitive grammars that you cannot do with context free ones, and some with context-free grammars that are impossible in regular grammars. On the other hand, more is known about the properties of the simpler grammar types.

Simplicity apparently brings its pros and cons. Whereas context free grammars are relatively easy to understand, context-sensitive grammars bring in possibilities which may puzzle more quickly.

Recursion is among the most interesting possibilities open to context free grammars, enabling, among other things, fractals of various kinds.

What Context Free art is not

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